Monday, July 23, 2012

Call For Conservative Playwrights- Philly Republican Theatre Fest In November

Any conservative writers out there? Would-be writers? Here's your chance to possibly get your work produced at a Republican Theatre Festival in November, 2012. The fest is being produced by Philadelphia director/producer Cara Blouin of Forearmed Productions, November 12th through 14th, at the Plays and Players Theatre in Philly.

Cara emailed me through this blog in search of conservative voices. As I have oft mentioned, there is a dearth of people in the entertainment industry willing to make their politics known, especially in the theatre world. So, here's your chance. The more the merrier. And good luck! You have a little over a month to create your short masterpiece, either a one-act or a 10 minute play.  Any questions, see the contact info below.
Call for Submissions - Republican Theater Festival, Philadelphia, PA

Forearmed Productions seeks one act plays for the Republican Theater Festival, November 2012, which aims to create a forum for a perspective not usually heard in theater.

Forearmed will select 3 new one-act or 10 minute plays by living playwrights that represent ideas related to social or fiscal conservatism, issues considered part of the Republican Party, Libertarian or Tea Party platforms, or concerns of people of faith. Plays which have the ultimate aim of criticizing or satirizing conservative ideas will not be considered.

Deadline for submission is August 30th. The plays will be dramaturged, developed and rehearsed for a showing on November 12th, 13th and 14th.

Contact with scripts or questions.

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