Saturday, May 03, 2014

Black Conservative Blasts Black Dem Congressman For Calling Clarence Thomas An "Uncle Tom"

Kevin Martin, a black conservative, has blasted black Congressman Bennie Thompson- a Mississippi Democrat- for calling conservative Supreme Justice Clarence Thomas an "Uncle Tom" who has failed to stand up for his fellow black Americans. But that's not the only thing Thompson claimed during an interview on CNN after he was questioned about making the comment on a Nation of Islam radio show.

He also continued to suggest that U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell opposes President Obama because he is black.
In fact, he believes anyone who opposes Obama does so because of the color of his skin.

Martin belongs to a conservative black leadership network called Project 21.

Martin recalls that a black congressman once candidly remarked that blacks would be marching around the White House, if President Obama was white, over unemployment in the black community.
"So why does this guy get a free pass from you and yet Clarence Thomas, who is a judge who is supposed to rule on the merits of the law and not include personal feelings in it – why does he get castigated but President Obama gets a free pass," Martin complains.

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