Saturday, May 31, 2014

MP Will Resign If Kuwaiti "Bikini Ban" Approved

Kuwait is looking to ban "nudity" in public places including beaches, swimming pools and hotels. Of course it only applies to women, but tourists and expats alike would be subject to a fine and up to one year in jail if caught. Now we all know when they refer to "nudity' they're not talking buck nekked, they're referring to any clothing deemed too revealing, which means no bikinis or clothing with cleavage for those slutty Western gals.

Not everyone, however, is thrilled about the proposed ban. One mighty brave progressive MP, Nabil al-Fadl, has said he will resign if the Ummah Council approves the ban.

The new proposal, which does not provide a clear definition for the term “nudity,” is an assault on personal freedom, al-Fadl said.

“If approved, I will deliver my resignation as I do not approve of this regression and out of respect for my electorates who voted for my ideas and thoughts,” he added.

The head of the Kuwaiti National Assembly committee who approved the move, MP Hamdan Al-Azemi, said the ban also applies to women at hotels, according to the Kuwait Times.

While the Islamist lawmaker did not provided a definition for the term “nudity,” a few days ago “he issued a statement strongly criticizing women dressed in bikinis at some swimming pools on beaches and in hotels. The term also includes revealing or improper dress,” according to the report.

They tried before to ban bikinis, back in 2011, but it was ruled unconstitutional.

Other Gulf countries are becoming even more conservative, if that's at all possible, including Bahrain which is planning on phasing out the sale of alcohol in that country.

I wonder if the tourism trade will plummet. I still have no clue what the attraction is for Western tourists.

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