Sunday, May 04, 2014

Fatah Official Says To "Liberate" Jerusalem Soak The Land With Blood Of Palestinians

On December 19, 2013, broadcast on offical PA TV at a World Teachers' Day event in Bethlehem, Fatah member Tawfiq Tirawi told the audience:

 "I say, from a position of responsibility, not a centimeter of Jerusalem will be liberated unless every grain of Palestinian soil is soaked in the blood of its brave people. For Jerusalem doesn't need negotiations, because negotiations will not bring Jerusalem back to us. What will bring back Jerusalem are the struggle and the resolve... We have conducted negotiations, while not laying down the rifle. It [the rifle] may be resting but we will not neglect our principles. We will rest the fighter's rest, but each period has its method of struggle. From fighting to Intifada, to popular resistance, to negotiations -- but we will not abandon [our principles] -- not in negotiations and not in any other way. I say, from a position of responsibility, the negotiations resulted in nothing except for the [release of the] prisoners."
"Bring Jerusalem back to us." I think someone needs to give the Palestinians a history lesson. The Jews and Christians were there before the Muslims.

And Fatah members are supposedly the moderate faction of the Palestinian people.

Can you see why there will never be peace in that region. At least in my lifetime.

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