Friday, May 09, 2014

German Muslim Convert Preacher Plans A Celebration For Osama Bin Laden

Idiot of the day. Or rather idiots.  Pierre Vogel aka Abu Hamza is a German Muslim convert- a former prize boxer-turned-preacher. But he didn't just convert to Islam, he turned to Salafism, the most extreme forms of Islam.

Role of women in society?  Not his concern, after all his wife wears a niqab.

In the Spiegel video below we see that 1,100 or so mostly male Islamists have followed him to Hamburg where his goal is to convert infidels, and he manages to do quite well at it. We get to see some fool of a woman convert, and the reporters talk with a newly converted young male. When asked if he finds the teachings of vogel to be compatible with democracy, someone in the background tells him not to answer, and the kid walks away. As the reporter asks if he's not allowed to respond, two aggressive Islamists pipe in with "he is allowed, but doesn't have to."

Reporter: "You have just sent him away."
Islamist: "We don't force him."

It's quite obvious they had.

When asked what will happen to those who change their mind about converting.

"The punishment, if one dies as a non-Muslim, is: one goes to hell."

Even though Vogel publicly rejects violence and terror, claiming to be a 'peace activist', the dude is planning a remembrance celebration for Osama Bin Laden.

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