Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Iranian Men Post Bizarre Photos In Response To Women Posting Photos Without Hijab

It didn't take long for  Muslim males to respond to those brave Iranian women who have been posting photos of themselves hijab-free on the Facebook page My Stealthy Freedom.  With 374 thousand likes, the page was created by Masih Alinejad, an Iranian journalist living in London, to "give voice" to thousands of women in that country who have no choice in the matter.

Some media sites, including Al Arabiya and Telegraph UK, are claiming that there's been a conservative backlash, and that men have created their own Men's Stealthy Freedom Facebook page where they too are posting photos of themselves. In their case, many of the photos posted are of silly men wearing various makeshift head coverings.

Along with other truly bizarre pics including men picking their noses (who knows what that represents), and a man licking whipped cream off the face of another male. Uhuh. Doesn't look too conservative to me.

Whether it's a mockery of the women or not, and whether the men are conservative or not is difficult to determine, since the page is not in English.  Those pics have to be seen, though.

In protest, there have been several small rallies by those conservatives happy with the compulsory hijab laws.  And conservatives have created another Facebook page: Real Freedom of Iranian Women. Those enlightened souls have no problem demanding freedom to wear hijab, but condemn those who would like the choice not to.  They posted the following:

Members write that the hijab is freeing and women should not be given the right to choose whether to wear it. Others posting on the page say they should be compulsory to protect women's modesty.
In one post, the word rape has been written over the photos of three prominent Iranian journalist who work abroad and appear unveiled in their broadcasts. It was accompanied with a message warning that women who do not wear the hijab are more likely to get raped.


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