Thursday, May 08, 2014

Fatwa Bans Saudis From Traveling Abroad To "The Land Of Infidelity"

"God does not love" Muslims living alongside "infidels", so Saudi preacher Sheikh Abdullah al-Suwailem has issued a fatwa banning Saudis from travelling outside the country, unless they really, really have to.
“Travelling abroad is forbidden in Sharia except in cases of necessity and with conditions."  
 "..whoever dies in the land of infidelity could go to hell."
Muslim countries are "less undesirable."

Those conditions he talks about?

The traveler must be "a strong believer" with religious "immunity", so they don't give in to "desires", like alcohol.
“Whoever fears for himself falling for what is forbidden, such as drinking alcohol, should not travel except in the case of necessity,” he added.
And studying or doing business abroad in "the land of infidelity" is also a no-no unless "in extreme necessity."

Apparently Al-Suwailem helps rehabilitate al-Qaeda prisoners held In Saudi jails. Maybe some of that extremism is rubbing off on him. In fact, Saudi columnist Badria al-Bishr called al-Suwailem's fatwa "extremist bacteria." And former head of the religious police Sheikh Ahmed Bin Qassim al-Ghamdi, quoting from the Quran,  believes that "travel broadens one's mind"  and has "many advantages for all."

Actually, this might be a Godsend for the West, after all the majority of the 9/11 terrorists were Saudi.

By all means, stay at home.

Source: Al Arabiya

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