Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Ludicrous Liberal P.C. Racist Card- The latest roundup

We are becoming an increasingly overly sensitive, ridiculously p.c. society, and all it takes is for some special interest group or even one individual from the perpetually offended crowd to complain about some ludicrous thing and people immediately cave. No discussion. No fight. It's setting a terrible precedent, and we're at a major risk of losing our freedom.

The complaints usually revolve around something insignificant that someone or some group deems racist or offensive. What these people believe constitutes racism is truly astounding.

Here's a roundup of the most recent incidents.

1. Eating Tacos Is Racist

An on-going annual all-you-can-eat taco sorority fundraiser was labeled racist, and subsequently cancelled.

The event, known as the Pi Phiesta, has been labeled by some radical leftists as offensive due to the fact it includes an all-you-can-eat taco dinner.

In response to the manufactured outrage, the annual function has been completely scrapped at Dartmouth College, while members at Stanford University completely reinvented it.

Though the dinner is a consistent success and has been responsible for raising a significant amount of money for charity, activists nonetheless have expressed outrage over the entrée of choice. These protests coincide with widespread demonstrations on college campuses across the nation regarding Cinco de Mayo celebrations deemed offensive by certain students and groups.

2. The Song "YMCA" Is Racist.

Or at least the Indian costume is.

A performance of the Village People's "YMCA" at Bennett Elementary School in North Dakota was cancelled after one parent complained about it being racist.  In case you've forgotten, or are unfamiliar with the campy late 70s  song,  six men dress up as a cowboy, construction worker, biker, policeman, military man, and American Indian, and strut their stuff.  I'm sure you know which outfit mama took offense to.

Elaine Bolman said:

“I’m not in a position to do anything for these educators, and hopefully those people that are can make the right choices so all students of any culture and race won’t feel singled out or like their race is being stereotyped against.”

All it took was one complaint, and the school caved.

3. Camels Are Racist 

Or at least bringing one to a school could be considered racist, because you know camels live in the Middle East, and some Middle Easterner might find it offensive.

Apparently, a student organization at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota, had planned on bringing a camel to celebrate "Hump Day"  until some other students said Middle Easterners might be offended, so the whole event was cancelled.

The “Hump Day” event, put on by the Residence Hall Association (RHA), was supposed to be “a petting zoo type of atmosphere” in which students could hang out and take photos with a live camel. According to Aaron Macke, the group’s advisor, the camel is owned by a local vendor and trained for special events.
I suppose we'll have to ship back to the Middle East all the camels in our zoos because maybe, just maybe, some Middle Easterner might find it offensive to see a camel in an American zoo.

And that's just recent incidents.  Remember in 2012 the State Department and NYC Department of Education wanted to ban racist or potentially offensive words and phrases like "Halloween" or "dinosaur" or "holding down the fort". Yes, this is not joke. There were about 50 of them they wanted nixed from our vocabulary.

And last year the word "Easter" was banned from an Easter egg hunt at some elementary school in Alabama. The whole thing was going to be cancelled, but they compromised by removing Easter.

And who can forget the Portland, Oregon school that banned the word  Peanut, Butter and Jelly sandwich because of it's racist connotations.  Go figure. wanted the word illegal to be banned.

And there was the NYC school principal who wanted to ban a kiddies performance of "God Bless The USA."

And last but not least, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and p.c. liberal tools want to sugarcoat references to Islam in the "The Rise of Al-Qaeda" documentary that is showing at the recently opened 9/11 Museum in New York. CAIR is lobbying hard for changes to the video, believing that Muslims will be offended by some of the "stereotypical and stigmatizing terminology" like "Islamist extremism" and "jihadism."

These terms, particularly the generalizing manner in which the film uses them, conflate Islam and terrorism and carry the risk of misinforming museum visitors, particularly those unfamiliar with Islam.
It just so happens that the bulk of global terrorism these days happens to be rooted in Islam, and you'd have to have been living on another planet not to be familiar with Islam.

In a statement, CAIR-NY Board Member Zead Ramadan said: "After repeated requests to correct misrepresentations, the film ignorantly implies a religion, rather than a group of criminals, was to blame for the September 11 attacks. Instead of unifying all Americans against evil-doers, this film continues to offensively cast suspicion on faith rather address the terrorist act."
Criminals?  Whether they like it or not, those "criminals" and the "criminals" anywhere there happens to be an ongoing battle with extremists, those battles are firmly rooted in that religion. In Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria and elsewhere, those militants are fighting to establish Sharia law. That IS faith.  No-one is saying that all Muslims are extremists, but what the heck else are we to call those who are?

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