Friday, May 02, 2014

Joke of the day: Bangladeshi Rapist Claims Deportation Violates His Human Rights

So 47-year-old Mohammed Hasan gets a 16-year-old British girl drunk on vodka, rapes her in his car while she's unconscious, serves 3 years of a six-year jail sentence, and now the U.K. apparently wants to deport him. But Mo says deporting him is a violation of his human rights, because he doesn't want to go. You see he likes his "peaceful life," and his wife refuses to accompany her rapist hubby to Bangladesh. Besides, she wants to raise the kids in England.

The tribunal in Bradford heard Hasan, of Scarborough, North Yorks, raped the girl in his car before dumping her “like a piece of meat” on the pavement. The tribunal judgement was reserved.

Violation of his human rights?


Source: Mirror UK

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