Friday, May 16, 2014

Joke of the day- Why Plucking Eyebrows Is Forbidden In Islam

From the Facebook page "Let's Keep ISLAM the most Spreading Religion in the Wolrd [sic]" comes this gem:

"Scientifically proven that plucking of eye brows creates shock waves... cos its [sic] near the brain.. and that is why you feel teribble [sic] pain.. this inturn affects  your brain cells and you start losing memory slowly...subhanallah.. Allah has never forbidden anything except that it is harmful for us... its [sic] a request please do not shape your eye brows."


Anonymous said...

First of all, posting such pictures will only create more hate and misunderstandings towards Islam. This is not the reason why doing eyebrows is said to be forbidden. In Islam, modesty is very important. Cleaning your unibrow is fine but shaping your eyebrows really effects the look on your face. In Islam, natural beauty is accepted over fake nails, fake lashes, fake everything. The person who posted this information is the one who made a mistake; we are all humans so stop taunting him/her and misrepresenting the religion wrong. Peace! -- from a Muslim who knows.

Incognito said...

With all due respect, you need to be addressing your fellow Muslims who post stupid things like this, and issue ludicrous fatwas.