Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Clown Wins Congressional Seat In Brazil- Beats 3 "Osama Bin Ladens" "Jesus" and 5 "barack Obama's In Brazilian Election

It seems Brazilians aren't too happy with their political system when a clown named Tiririca (Grumpy) gets to spend another four years in congress. He apparently received one million votes this time around.  Not too shabby considering he garnered the second-highest amount of votes of any other candidate on the ballot.

Triririca was first elected to represent Sao Paulo in 2010, winning the most votes of any candidate in the country after running on the slogan "It can't get any worse."

Illiterate at the time, he had to learn to write his name to start his new job.

In four years, he never spoke on the floor, but had one of the best attendance records in the lower house.

His success spawned a flood of protest and gag candidacies in Brazil, where those standing for office can register under any name they like.
Political analysts say these candidacies are the symptom of frustration with corruption scandals and political gridlock in Brazil, Latin America's largest democracy.
On the same ballot were three Osama Bin Ladens, one Jesus, one Wonder Woman, one Rambo, a Hamburger Face, and five Barack Obamas.  None of the Obamas won.

As for a clown winning- we could say we have plenty of those in our government, and one in the White House.

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