Thursday, October 09, 2014

Who Should I Vote For In 2014 Midterm Elections?

Election USA is fast approaching. On Tuesday November 4th, either in person or via absentee ballot prior to the 4th, Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Green Partiers (and whatever odd assortment of fringe party members are out there), will get to choose who their elected officials will be. Some people will vote party line, others will vote depending upon which candidate best represents the issues most important to them, others just won't vote at all.

For those who aren't quite sure who to vote for, and would rather vote the person rather than the party, there's a new one of those handy dandy quizzes that will help identify which candidates are worthy of your vote.

The non-partisan has created a Voter Guide with an extensive series of questions including the following categories:

Social Issues
Environmental Issues
Economic Issues
Domestic Policy Issues
Healthcare Issues
Foreign Policy Issues
Education Issues
Immigration Issues
And last but not least, issues pertaining to your particular State.

Just click on your State which will take you to the list of questions.

According to their FAQ, to get a more accurate indication of the best candidate to vote for, make sure to answer all the questions (note the "show more questions" right after the last question per category), and click on the "Choose another stance" to give a more detailed response.

Good luck!

Take the quiz here. For the various State ballot measures, click here.

I will continue to post quizzes if and when they materialize.

By the way, they also have quizzes for Australia, India, Canada and the U.K.  Check them out at the very bottom of the web page.

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