Sunday, October 12, 2014

"Lend Me Your Ears" Part 3- ISIS Propaganda Video Of Hostage John Cantlie

ISIS has released Part 3 of "Lend Me Your Ears"- another propaganda video starring British war photographer John Cantlie who has been a hostage since November 2012.

In the first two parts he criticized the British government, and then Barack Obama.

In this one he touts the resilience, power, and patience of ISIS.

Part of the transcript, courtesy of the Clarion Project:

"Anyone hoping for a nice, neat, surgical operation without getting their hands dirty is in for a horrible surprise once it gets under way."
"The Islamic State doesn't mind if nobody attacks them or if everybody attacks them. They are patient, and time means little to them. They don't rely on any donor or country for funds but make financial gains from war booty and battlefield successes. America on the other hand has to do this as quickly and cleanly as possible. But already the subject of money has been raised. With our economies largely bankrupt, getting sustained public support for yet more war is going to be nigh on impossible."

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