Tuesday, October 07, 2014

The Connection Between Aussie Radical Islamists and Muslim Gangs/Criminals

Although it seems to be exclusively an Australian problem, there seems to be a connection between the Lebanese Muslim community gangs and criminal element, and easy recruitment of ISIS militants.

The children of refugees who fled Lebanon’s civil war for peaceful Australia in the 1970s form a majority of Australian militants fighting in the Middle East, according to about a dozen counter-terrorism officials, security experts and Muslim community members.

Of the 160 or so Australian militants believed to be in Iraq or Syria, several are in senior leadership positions, they say.

But unlike fighters from Britain, France or Germany, who experts say are mostly jobless and alienated, a number of the Australian fighters grew up in a tight-knit criminal gang culture, dominated by men with family ties to the region around the Lebanese city of Tripoli, near the border with Syria.

The rest here. It's an interesting read.

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