Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Germany Becoming a Haven For Radical Islam - France 24 video

Germany is becoming a haven for radical Muslim extremists- especially the Salafist-ridden city of Dusseldorf.  Many of them are converts, like Bernard Falk, who went from being a left-wing extremist to a Muslim extremist, after he converted to Islam in jail. One of his buddies is Sven Lau aka Abu Adam, ex-firefighter and former pothead. He too is a convert, and is responsible for the sharia patrols in the small town of Wuppertal. According to a Moroccan Muslim woman interviewed in a France 24 video, there are over 5,000 (and growing) radical Salafist Muslims in Germany, and she believes something must be done now to prevent the problem from becoming worse down the line.

There are estimated to be at least 400 of them fighting in Syria.

Watch the France 24 video here.

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