Monday, October 20, 2014

3 Missing Denver Girls Headed To Turkey Detained In Germany

Three teens from Denver, Colorado, two of Somali descent, the third from Sudan who disappeared from home were found and deported from Frankfurt, Germany.
Relatives and other sources told VOA’s Somali Service the girls left Denver and flew to Frankfurt via Chicago. Family members alerted Denver authorities who contacted their German counterparts.
Two of the girls are sisters of ethnic Somali origin and are 15 and 16 years old. The third girl is from Sudan - her age is not yet known. It is not yet clear where they ultimately were heading, but one of the young girls reportedly told German authorities, “We are going to Turkey to study.”
The girls have since spoken to their relatives and are due to arrive back home later Sunday.
The girls, of Somali Muslim descent, just disappear one day without their parents' consent, headed for Turkey, and no-one thinks they might just be headed to join the Islamic State as jihadi brides.  Right.

I'm sure the girls will receive a slap on the hands and that's it.

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