Saturday, October 25, 2014

Muslim Private School Teacher Accused Of Raping Middle Schoolers In Florida

Tariq Ahmed was a middle and high school teacher at the Nur-Ul-Islam Academy in Cooper City, Florida. Right now, he is nowhere to be found since accusations of rape surfaced this past May. He allegedly sexually abused two middle schoolers dating back to 2007, and the school was aware of the allegations but did nothing about it.

Scott Mager, one of the victim's attorney said:

“They knew in 2008. What do they do? Absolutely nothing, expect accuse the kid of doing it. What do they do, they blame, they cover up, they don’t tell the parents."
After years of therapy, the students finally came forward.

Mager said of the abuse, which took place off campus, but was arranged in the classroom in code:

“There was significant sexual abuse, intercourse and other inappropriate behavior such that one of the students had to have substantial surgical repair of that (private) area. It’s horrific."

The school's statement:

Recently, we have become aware of disturbing allegations regarding a former teacher of Nur-ul-Islam Academy, Inc. (the “Academy”). These allegations relate to alleged acts of the teacher 6 to 8 years ago, which did not occur on the school’s premise, concerning at least one former student of the Academy. Upon learning of these allegations, the Academy immediately suspended the teacher’s employment, barred him from any further contact with Academy students and has since terminated his employment with the Academy. Although none of the acts are alleged to have occurred on the Academy’s campus, such acts, if true, clearly violate the conduct policy of the Academy, along with being a gross dereliction of the high level of moral character the Academy expects from its faculty.The Academy’s primary concern is to foster a safe and caring environment for all of its students, in which they can flourish personally and academically. The Academy, therefore, has undertaken a full review of its policies to determine what, if anything, needs to be done to further ensure the safety of our students. In the spirit of Islamic teachings, we offer prayers for the well-being of all our students, current and former.

He has been charged with six felony counts- that is, if he's ever caught.  He's probably on a plane to Pakistan or wherever he's from.

Yes, this has happened in other private religious schools of other faiths, however, Muslims hold themselves to a higher moral ground, therefore should be held to a higher standard.

Story and video here.

H/T: Tarek Fatah

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