Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Use Blacks, Milk The Jews, Asians and Gays - Michelle Nunn's Leaked Dem Campaign Plan

This goes back to July, but since we are less than a month away from mid-term elections I thought this would be appropriate to post.

Michelle Nunn is following in her pappy's footsteps and running for the Georgia U.S. Senate. In fact, she's the nominee for former Democratic Senator Sam Nunn's seat.

This article on BizPac Review details what voter demographics her campaign will focus on:

...Jewish donors, an activist black clergy, and a reliably compliant media that will make it possible to “kill” or “muddy” stories that will make the Democrat look bad.

At least according to a leaked campaign analyses.

Other parts of the leaked document read like Dem strategy 101: Obsessed with trying not to appear “too liberal,” in order to attract the few Southern whites who haven’t been written off by the party completely, the Nunn campaign aims to cobble together a majority that mirrors the efforts of the party nationally.

For money, there are the Jews. The document notes that “There is tremendous financial opportunity, but the level of support will be contingent on her position [on Israel]. This applies not only to PACs, but individual donors as well.” Message to the Jews? Still to be decided, according to the document. Like the national Democrats, Nunn will apparently support Israel just enough to get American Jewish money, but no more than, as the old joke goes, “absolutely necessary.”

For actual votes, the main targets are minorities – mainly blacks and Hispanics who’ve been brainwashed into thinking Republicans are intrinsically evil – along with the usual Dem mix of gays who think voting booths are bedrooms and young single women who’d scorn to be taken care of by a man but have no problem thinking Uncle Sam should be paying for their birth control, among other things.

Sound familiar?

According to Eliana Johnson's article on National Review Online, which BizPac references, the others she plans on targeting for the big bucks are Asians and gays, bisexuals and transgenders.

Unfortunately, this information will not influence those particular voters who are being taken advantage of. They will continue to vote Democratic.

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