Monday, October 27, 2014

Tunisian Seculars Claim Victory Over Islamist Ennahda Party In Elections

According to exit polls and Nida Tunis (Tunisia's Call)- Tunisia's secular coalition may have won more parliamentary votes than the Ennahda party- the Islamists who won a majority post Arab Spring.

Votes are still being counted, and the results will not be known until Wednesday, but Tunisia's are voting for 217 members of parliament, and a prime minister.

Beji Caid Essebsi, the 87-year-old leader of Nida Tunis, said soon after polls closed that “there are positive signs we may be first” with a large margin of seats.

His prediction was backed by exit polls conducted by the private Tunisia-based Sigma Conseil institute, which gave his party 37 percent of the 217-seat body, with just 26 percent to Ennahda.

“Based on our observations, we are optimistic,” said Yusra Ghannouchi, a party spokeswoman, who described the Nida Tunis announcement as “irresponsible.”

Good news for Tunisia, if the votes do turn out in Nida Tunis' favor. However, they are predicting a unity government.

Ennahda (which ruled the roost post Arab Spring) seems to have learned its lesson, after they were forced to step down for trying to Islamize the country, and two secular leaders were murdered.

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