Friday, November 28, 2014

Danish ISIS Jihadists Receiving Unemployment Benefits

No-one knows for sure exactly how many European fighters are fighting with the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq. There are only conservative estimates. Denmark has over 100 jihadists fighting in Syria, and 28 of those have been receiving unemployment benefits.

Out of the 28 Danish people identified by the Danish Security and Intelligence Service (PET) as having received benefits, 15 had been ordered to pay the money back, eight people were still being investigated, and five cases had been dropped due to insufficient evidence, tabloid BT reported.

“It is incredibly important that we are not naive,” Danish Justice Minister Mette Frederiksen told the daily when asked about the data, which was found by merging records kept by different authorities.

Denmark has one of the world’s most generous unemployment insurance systems, with those on the scheme receiving up to 801 kroner per day (108 euros, $134) for up to two years.

However, some of the jihadists were on a significantly more modest basic unemployment benefit also paid in Denmark.
Dang. I'm moving to Denmark.

Poor fools.

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