Thursday, November 13, 2014

Racist Tweets Mocking Black Republicans Leads to Lawyer Resigning From NYC Bar Committee

White Democrats are cool with black politicians, but if they happen to be Republican, no way. Liberals have no love for black conservatives. In their minds, if a black is conservative they must be 'Uncle Toms,' and worthy of racial epithets.

New York attorney Andrew Barovick is one of those white liberal Democrats who despises black Republicans. He proved that with a series of racist Twitter posts, dating back several years, about black Republicans including former RNC Chairman Michael Steele, and GOP candidate Herman Cain.

A recent Tweet, however, was what got him into trouble:

Barovick stated in a tweet last Monday that former Republican candidate for New York Lieutenant Governor Christopher Moss, who is black, should be the "spokesmodel for Cream of Wheat or Uncle Ben's Rice." Moss serves as Chemung County Sheriff and is the President of the New York State Sheriff's Association.

Barovick, who was the chairman of the New York City Bar Association's medical malpractice committee, finally resigned after much pressure.
Barovick wrote to the president of the City Bar Debra Raskin:
I am writing to inform you of my decision to resign from my position as chair of the City Bar’s Medical Malpractice Committee. As you know, I made a grave mistake by attempting to use humor to personally convey my frustration with the New York Republican Party through a tweet that upset a great number of people. Though it was not my intention to do so, it is clear that it caused pain and anger to those who read it, and for that, I am deeply sorry.
I take full responsibility for what I sent out, and for my personal lapse in judgment. I cannot change the words that I wrote, but I can acknowledge the significance of the pain they caused. After much heartfelt consideration, I have decided to take it upon myself to resign as Chair of the City Bar’s Medical Malpractice Committee, effective immediately.
Source: Breitbart

And we get labeled racist for criticizing Obama's policies, when it has nothing to do with the color of his skin.

So, for all you liberals who think that only Republicans are racist, here's Andrew Barovick to add to the list of liberal, Democratic racists.

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