Saturday, November 29, 2014

ISIS Jihadists Eat Pancakes?

Apparently Islamic State of Iraq and Syria jihadists have time to nosh on pancakes when they're not out there beheading or crucifying innocent people.  Maybe they get a big stack 'o pancakes before they blow themselves up. But jihadi brides now have a recipe for flapjacks to feed to their terrorist hubbies in order to “extend the energy and power of the Mujahideen (fighters).”

The recipe, which can be found online, was posted by al-Zawra- a faction of ISIS which helps “prepare sisters for the battlefield for jihadists.”  Al-Zawra also shares handy tips on how to be a good jihadi bride.

 " [it] uses social media to guide wives of ISIS militants in domestic work such as sewing and cooking, medical first aid, Islam, Sharia law and weaponry."

The recipe, according to Al Arabiya:

One egg
One cup of milk
One tablespoon of oil
One cup of flour
Four tablespoons of sugar
and 4 teaspoons of salt.

Really? 4 teaspoons of salt? Maybe they'll all die from high blood pressure.

They're to be served for breakfast or dinner with honey.

Source: Al Arabiya

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