Thursday, November 27, 2014

Top 10 Things Obama Is Thankful For- Happy Thanksgiving 2014

It's the day to give thanks.  I hope everyone has enjoyed a blessed Thanksgiving.

I know there are many Americans out there who hate this great country of ours, and yes we have many faults, but all I have to do is look at what's going around in other parts of the world, and I feel very blessed and grateful to be living here. At least for now.

Here's a funny from Political Insider: 10 things our current president Barack Obama (one of those who seems to loathe the United States) is thankful for.
Thanksgiving is a time for Americans to count our blessings. But it’s not just regular Americans who are thankful. Even the most powerful man in the Free World is thankful for the little things that get him through the day. Here are President Obama’s top 10 things he’s thankful for:
1.  Dancing With The Stars. Obama loves DWTS. He doesn’t actually watch the show, mind you. He’s just glad that millions of Americans are too busy watching to pay attention to his destruction of America.
2.  Taxpayers. We fund Obama’s gold-plated vacations all over the globe. According to our friends at Judicial Watch, the Obama’s have spent at least $44 million so far.
3.  The American media. These guys are Obama’s real bodyguards. They make sure only fawning praise is allowed on the airwaves and in print. Obama never has to defend himself or his policies; the Fourth Estate does it for him.
4.  Teleprompters. Without these neat little gizmos, Obama would have never earned his undeserved status as some sort of great orator.

The rest here.

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