Monday, November 17, 2014

Islamist Group On Facebook Claims Responsibility For Murder of Bangladeshi Professor

More tolerance from some enlightened Muslims.

A Facebook page, apparently representing an unknown militant group, has claimed the responsibility of killing Rajshahi University professor Shafiul Islam.

The page, Ansar al Islam Bangladesh 2, claimed to have executed the social science professor within hour of his death. Shafiul was hacked to death outside his house in the Chauddapai area of Rajshahi city on Saturday afternoon. He died several hours later while undergoing treatment.

Ansar al Islam Bangladesh 2 posted the announcement at 7:09pm, Saturday. The page was created hours after the killing of Professor Shafiul Islam, claiming responsibility.


"Our Mujahideens have killed an 'atheist' of Rajshahi University who had banned wearing burqa in his department," the status read.

It also warned all the "anti-Islam" people and non-believers of dire consequences.

The photographs of slain professor Shafiul Islam, blogger Rajib Haider and Ashraful Alam are crossed in red ink with one word as caption under each stating, "Finished".

Apart from the three photographs, blogger Ashif Mohiuddin and Rakib Mamun are also seen on the Facebook page, with text suggesting that there has already been an attempt and a second one is coming.
I reported the page for inciting violence, but within a very short time received notification that the page did not violate community standards. The page is in Bengali. Do you think they bothered trying to translate any of the page? No. In spite of the fact that there are a bunch of photos crossed out with red. And this is posted in the about section, in English:

We are the Helpers of Shariah in Bangladesh. We are Mujahideen fi Sabilillah.

Facebook is too concerned with taking down anti-Islam pages.

Source: Dhaka Tribune

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