Saturday, November 22, 2014

UK Judge Allows Anjem Choudary To Preach Hate While On Bail

Radical Muslim hate preacher Anjem Choudary, who was arrested and then released on bail from police custody after a counter-terroism sweep in the UK, is now back on London streets spewing his hate.

Even though he's on bail, district judge Howard Riddle decided that Choudary and 6 others who were arrested can go back to preaching because it was in violation of religious freedom.  Apparently, as part of their bail conditions, they were not allowed to set up their little 'dawah' (Islamic proselytizing) stalls. That's now changed. Riddle said:

“The dawah stalls are a significant part of the current investigation."
“However, it is accepted that the dawah stall has an ostensible purpose to spread the word of Islam and to proselytise. Religious freedom is of considerable significance.”
The others that were arrested:

Choudary and his brother Yazandi were arrested on 25 September along with Shakil Chapra, Siddartha Dhar, Abdul Muhid, Mohammed Rahman, Mohammed Shamsuddin and Anthony Small.
Anthony Small is a Muslim convert and former boxer with his own YouTube channel. He has also calls for Muslims to take over England.

Dhar supposedly took off for Syria with his wife and 4 kids.

Choudary claims he never stopped preaching anyway.

 “It’s a nonsense anyway. I never stopped my dawah, I never stopped doing my work online and in cafes. Street dawah is just one way of doing this."
“It’s an abuse of process. It’s an abuse of what you would call human rights, they should remove the other conditions. I’ve been raided four or five times and they’ve never found anything – I’ve got less now than I had then.”
Muslim radicals do not deserve the right to freedom of speech or religion.


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