Sunday, November 23, 2014

Jihadi Poetry- ISIS Jihadists Embrace Their Artistic Side

Some Western Islamic State jihadists fancy themselves poets, and are posting their drek on social media sites. Take Brit Abuqaqa Britani: after being banned by (a bizarre social networking site where he used the moniker "greenbirdexpress") he has taken his stuff to Twitter, where he goes by Abuqaqa Britani Afro.

Abuqaqa (rhymes with a synonym for shit) longs for martyrdom. I told him I hope he gets his wish. Soon. No response. Yet.

One of his so-called poems:

They got planes but Allah is higherShaheed ["martyr"] dead don't be a lier [sic]He just sold his soul and Allah is the buyerFor the kafir ["infidels"] it's hellfire

And apparently it's not just the Brits embracing their artistic side, jihadists from the North Caucuses are also into "jihadi poetry"

Indeed, North Caucasian "jihadi poetry" is so popular that there is a group, Poeziya Dzhikhada ["Poetry of Jihad"] dedicated to it on the Russian social network VKontakte. Poems, some written by jihadis in Russian prisons, are shared via the VKontakte group and also on sites run by Chechen militants in Syria.
Frequent topics in North Caucasian poems about jihad include militants' bravery on the battlefield, death (particularly death on the battlefield), and the need to defend women from the "infidels."
So was Osama Bin Laden.

Go figure.

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