Sunday, November 02, 2014

Video- ISIS fighters in Iraq Joking About Yezidi Sex Slaves

There's a video that has surfaced of alleged ISIS jihadists in Iraq joking about buying, selling and trading their Yezidi sex slaves, which is sanctioned in Islam.

It was translated by an Arabic journalist for Al Aan TV in Dubai- Jenan Moussa- who translated the video, and posted it on Twitter.

From the comments on YouTube, there are some who believe the men are Saudi, others think that it's fake, and then we have people like this idiot:

This is in accordance with the Koran, stop attacking these people and their culture. who are you to criticize?
White people invented slavery. if anything these men are victims of white imperialism.

The original video on YouTube has been made private. You can watch part of it on Daily Mail UK.

No wonder young men are joining ISIS in droves, as repressive as the religion is, they can get lucky, and it's cool with Mohammad and Allah.

Transcription courtesy of Al Aan TV.

Today is the slave market day
Today is the day where this verse applies: “Except with their wives and the (captives) whom their right hands possess,- for (then) they are not to be blamed”
Today is distribution day God willing
Each one takes his share
I swear man I am searching for a girl I hope I find one
Today is the day of (female) slaves and we should have our share
Where is my Yezidi girl?
Where is my Yezidi girl?
Whoever wants to sell his slave, whoever wants to give his slave as a present... Everyone is free to do what he wants with his share.
Where is my Yezidi girl?
Whoever wants to sell, I can buy my brothers.
Whoever wants to sell his slave, I buy.
Whoever wants to sell his own slave, I buy her.
And if you want to give her as a gift, also I take her.
Who wants to sell?
I want to sell.
I pay 3 banknotes (1 banknote is most probably 100 dollars)
I buy her for a pistol.
The price differs if she has blue eyes.
I buy her for a glock (pistol brand)
I pay 5 banknotes. (1 banknote is most probably 100 dollars)
If she is 15 years old
I have to check her
check her teeth.
If she has green eyes
If she doesn’t have teeth, why would I want her?
Put dentures for her.
I don’t want.
On the Yezidis
Can one take 2 slave girls? Does that work?
(Voice behind camera asks) You have a share. What about it?
I got a share of Yezidis but I don’t want one.
Why? Wait why don’t you want yours?
I will give my share away.
AL Farouk and I, we do not want any.
(Voice asks the boy) Do you want a Yezidi slave?
He nods yes
Can you handle her?
Boy giggles
Abu Khalid, do you want a slave?
I don’t want to take one.
Abu Fahd: “Your Yezidi is dead”
She’s dead
Someone giggles

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