Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ameneh Bahrami Iranian Woman Blinded By Acid Denied Compensation By Courts

It seems the Islamic way for some  men to deal with rejection is making sure that if they can't have a particular woman no-one else will either. One of the methods of choice is throwing acid on the face of the one who spurned them. This happens quite frequently in countries including Pakistan and Iran. A horrifying practice, the women are left permanently disfigured and the men usually get off with a light sentence; that is, unless the woman demands qisas (an eye for an eye) retribution.

Not common, but perfectly acceptable as part of Shariah law, a victim can request similar punishment for the perpetrator.   In the case of Ameneh Bharami, who had acid thrown in her face and was blinded in both eyes by Majid Movahedi after she refused his marriage proposal, Movahedi was sentenced to a similar fate.  But Bharami had to wait 4 years before her wish for retribution was granted in 2008, and another 3 years before it was actually to be carried out.  However, at the last minute she changed her mind and pardoned him, though she still was seeking monetary compensation. Reaction was evenly split between those who commended her for changing her mind (in spite of the reasons why), and those who felt the man deserved to suffer for the horrendous crime he committed.

But after all that, after sparing his eyes, Bahrami is being re-victimized, this time by the Iranian courts. According to Radio Zamaneh,  she was just informed that she is now not entitled to any compensation.

The Shargh daily newspaper reports: “Amaneh says she has foregone the ghesas ruling but wants to get the dieh (monetary compensation), but they say the minutes indicate that she has completely forgiven the crime.”

Shargh reports that Bahrami has rejected the veracity of the minutes, but officials have responded that the case is finalized. Bahrami has claimed, however, that she was not told what was written in the minutes, and since she was blinded by her assailant, she was not able to read for herself.

 She was eligible to receive  $200,000, money that she needs for medical treatment.  As a woman, of course, the likelihood of receiving that compensation is slim to none.

Movahedi, on the other hand, will only spend 10 years in jail, and 5 years of exile.

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