Wednesday, November 09, 2011

"Cruel and unusual punishment": Florida Pedophile Inmate Suing Prison For Serving Soy Products In Meals

Florida seems to rank high in the frivolous lawsuit category, but this one takes the cake.

A 32-year-old pedophile, Eric Harris, who was sentenced to life in prison, isn't happy with his food options so he's filed a law suit against the Florida state prison system for cruel and unusual punishment. Apparently in 2009, Lake Correctional decided to start serving soy-based products in prison meals. Prisoners receive soy by-products in up to 70% of their meals and many are unhappy. They claim that the soy is causing all sorts of health issues.

Serving soy products saves the Department of Corrections (and hence the taxpayers) a lot of money. According to spokeswoman Joellen Rackleff, they have a budget of $47 million for food, if they were to serve 100 percent meat, it would cost twice as much. .

But after a lot bitching and moaning to an anti-vegetarian, anti-soy organization, The Weston A. Price Foundation  is suing on behalf of Harris, pro-bono, and plans on filing a class action suit on behalf of others, including taxpayers. Hello, serving soy products is saving the tax payer money, why sue on their behalf? And thanks to the foundation's  frivolous law suit, more taxpayer's money will be wasted on a totally unworthy cause.

Inmates get 3 square meals a day- they're lucky they're not getting bread and water. If they don't want to eat the soy foods, don't eat it. Prison isn't the Ritz Carlton, you don't get choices when you commit crimes.
.. including chronic constipation followed with debilitating diarrhea and vomiting, passing out, heart palpitations, and rashes.

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