Tuesday, November 29, 2011

U.N. Allegations Of Sexual Torture and Murder Of Children In Syria

A U.N. investigation has determined that, since the beginning of November, government  troops have also targeted young children in the chaos that is Syria. According to a U.N. report, the organization has received information from credible sources that over 256 boys and girls have been murdered, including a young 2-year-old girl who was shot and killed. The alleged reason for killing the little girl was to ensure that she did not grow up "to be a demonstrator."  There have also been allegations of sexual torture.

The panel's report to the U.N. Human Rights Council says government forces have used excessive force to "shot indiscriminately at unarmed protesters" while snipers targeted others in the upper body and head.
Their report, released Monday, said Syrian security forces along with militias were given "shoot to kill" orders to crush demonstrations.

If indeed true, though unconscionable, it wouldn't be surprising since it's not unusual for children to be abused in that region of the world.  Like women, children mean nothing in Islam, and suffer greatly as a result.  Look at how children in Muslim-majority third world countries are often encouraged and groomed to become suicide bombers.

But, in the case of Syria, it's not just the children suffering under a brutal, autocratic leader who is willing to fight to the death (as did Libya's Qaddafi), if his country is invaded.  It probably has much to do with the whole idea of martyrdom that so many Muslims cherish so deeply, and the unwillingness to give up power that so many people find so incredibly intoxicating.

At least the Arab League has finally approved sanctions against the Syrian government, for whatever good that will do; but at least it's something. Of course, it's the Syrian people who will suffer, as Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem so bluntly put it.

"Let them study the history of Syria very well. Neither warnings nor sanctions will work with us."

An estimated 3,500 have been killed since the people's revolt started 8 months ago. 

But President Bashar al-Assad still has his fervent  supporters, just like Qaddafi did and just like the Iranian government still does.  I think Assad might just end up like Qaddafi did. Dead.

Other sources: New Kerala News

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