Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ron Paul Groupies As Clueless As Ron Paul

I just spent precious time (that I will sadly never regain) responding to a Ron Paul devotee who also happens to be a mega asshole.  Unrighteousfury, who is obviously  as enamored of Ron Paul as Chris *tingles* Matthews was of Barack Obama (back in the day before his recent disillusionment), stumbled upon my blog post about clueless Ron Paul's naive belief that we can reach out and befriend the Iranians. Like Paul, unrighteousfury is under the delusional assumption that we can actually engage Iranians through "offering friendship and open trade", as if a little kumbaya and trading some rice and kebabs for some snicker bars will make things all better. 

He accuses me in an uber-long, yawn-inducing post on his blog of being a "dolt", a "dumb ass woman" and for not doing my research. Ironically, the man obviously has not done his research because he has absolutely no clue about Islam, let alone the inner workings of ultra religious conservatives like Ahmadinejad and the Iranian Mullahs.  He, like Paul, believes that Iran's nuclear ambitions are overblown. Why? because there's no actual proof.  Unrighteousfury, lets call him UF,  apparently has no idea about the concept of 'taqiya', nor does he have any clue why Ahmadinejad and the Mullahs' belief in the "12th Imam" might be reason enough to conclude their nuclear ambitions are far from innocent.

He can be forgiven for the woeful ignorance he shares with all the other Ron Paul groupies out there, who for some reason are drawn to a wacky former doctor-turned-politician, but UF is a piece of work. This is what he says about women in the piece dedicated to me:

I swear we need to repeal women’s voting rights. They keep writing this crap and I keep debunking it. Women should just stop blogging about politics all together. Stick with what you know. Here are some helpful examples of things you can occupy your time with that are far more productive than your silly ass opinion about politics.

But checking out the rest of his blog, it's quite obvious the man is a misogynist. In an incredibly insensitive post about women and rape, he says all women claim to have been raped and says this:

Look, to all you dumb women out there: We know that rape is a terrible thing and a tragedy. By lying about it over and over again, people literally lose interest in it even being a big deal.

Well, UF, I have never been raped nor do I have any friends who were, so your claims are bogus, as is the whole piece you wrote about it. But if you peruse most of UF's posts, you will find that they are replete with references to his 'manliness', which begs the question- why doth the man protest so much?

Ron Paul groupies are certainly a bizarre bunch, unable to respond to criticism of their guru in a civil manner. But we encountered that back in 2008, during his last bid for Presidency. I'll be glad when this is all over.


Unrighteousfury said...

Thank you for the inro :} You take much of what I say out of context like a liberal, but hey....what can you expect from a women?

Why do you insist on civility? Who cares? Should I politely call somebody a moron instead? Would that make your hurt little feelings a bit better :{

Try using logic in the future instead of feelings, and evidence instead of propaganda, and I won't make fun of the silly stuff all over this site!

Incognito said...

Ha... i have taken nothing out of context, but what can you expect from an ignorant fool?

Civility? because that's how grownups usually deal with each other. But, I forget most Ron Paul supporters are just out of diapers.

My feelings aren't hurt at all, since I know I am right and you are wrong.
And I will ask you to do the same... try using logic instead of feelings, and evidence instead of drinking the Ron Paul Kool-aid, and maybe I won't make fun of the silly stuff all over your blog.