Sunday, November 27, 2011

Islamists Win Majority In Morocco- Is Egypt next?

Islamists are gaining in popularity in Muslim-majority North African countries.  The Ennahda Party won a majority of assembly seats in the recent Tunisian elections, mostly thanks to the poor.  Now, according to the Moroccan government, the Justice and Development Party (PJD) won the majority of assembly seats over there, capturing at least 80 out of 395. With a low voter turnout (many boycotted the elections), the so-called 'moderate' Islamist party was heavily supported, like Tunisia, by poor folk.

And for all their claims of being 'moderate', these are the same people who wanted to ban an Elton John concert because he was homosexual, and were trying to ban alcohol. Apparently, they are now focused on combating  high unemployment and corruption in that country; but who knows what will happen down the line.

With the continuing trend towards Islamism in the Middle Eastern and North African regions, was it any surprise that they won? I think not. 

Next up, Egypt?

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