Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Lefty Law Professor Michael Avery Says It's "Shameful" To Send Care Packages To Troops

Most Americans claim to support our troops regardless of their position on the various wars we have been  fighting abroad.  One of the ways we show that support is by sending care packages to those deployed in some of the most God-forsaken places on this planet.  They have little to nothing and sending some comforts and treats from home shows compassion.  We do pride ourselves on being a compassionate people.  However, there are some malcontents like Suffolk University  Law Professor Michael Avery who seems to have allowed his leftist politics to trump his humanity. 

Apparently, Avery was disgusted by a campus call to gather care packages for the troops overseas, and sent a short email voicing his objection to his collegues.

"I think it is shameful that it is perceived as legitimate to solicit in an academic institution for support for men and women who have gone overseas to kill other human beings."

Not only did he disapprove of soliticing care packages he also complained about the U.S. flag hanging in the Law School atrium:

“Since Sept. 11 we have had perhaps the largest flag in New England hanging in our atrium. This is not a politically neutral act. Excessive patriotic zeal is a hallmark of national security states. It permits, indeed encourages, excesses in the name of national security, as we saw during the Bush administration,and which continue during the Obama administration.”

Not surprisingly, he attended the University of Moscow, smack dab during the Cold War, and has been to Cuba, to commune with fellow commies.

In a 2005 letter obtained by Fox 25, Avery writes about a conference he spoke about in Cuba. The theme of his talk: "The Hypocrisy of US Policy Towards Terrorism." It was a speech he says he gave to a crowd including Fidel Castro himself.

The University responded to the backlash from students and others concerned by saying:
“We respect the right of our faculty members to exercise academic freedom and support all members of our community in speaking freely and expressing their opinions.”

Which is indeed true, and that is what our men and women in the Armed Forces are doing- fighting for democracy and freedom, and he has the gall to begrudge them sanitary products and goodies from home.

What I find 'shameful' is the fact that professors like this are still allowed to teach in our universities.

Shame on you Michael Avery!

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