Saturday, November 19, 2011

Spain's Conservative Popular Party Poised To Win Election

After 8 years of being governed by Socialists, it looks like the disillusioned Spaniards are finally aware of their folly, and will be voting for the conservative Popular Party (PP) at the polls tomorrow.  Expected to win the plum role of Prime Minister is 56-year-old Mariano Rajoy. His won't be an easy job, however, with a country on the brink, like so many other European nations, and the highest rate of unemployment in the European Union at a whopping 22 percent.

The PP is expected to win a majority which is

...deemed necessary to push through a new round of austerity measures and job-creation incentives intended to cut the public deficit while creating economic growth.

Rajoy is not promising that things will be easy:

In his final rally on Friday evening, Mr Rajoy warned that the road ahead would be difficult.

"We are not fooling ourselves, we're not going to sort everything out from one day to the other," he told thousands of blue-flag waving supporters in traditionally PP-supporting Madrid.

"We Spaniards know that it will take a lot of effort to get things done, and there is more effort ahead to take Spain forward. We know that nothing is free."

But after 8 years of economic stagnation under the Socialists, the Spanish people are banking on a man who was second in command under Jose Maria Aznar's leadership,  a time when the country's economy was booming. 

The Socialists had 8 years to prove their form of government works- they failed miserably.  Hopefully, the U.S. people will take note and vote conservative in 2012.


Fredd said...

You'd think we'd learn something after surviving Barry Obama. We may throw the Dems out in 2012, but they'll be back.

Just like we threw Jimmy Carter out and elected Ronald Reagan. Or after the 1994 Republican Revolution, remember that?

The Spaniards are no different, either. They'll let this new guy call the shots for a while, maybe things will get better, and then they will go back to their old socialist ways, once the grownups put things back in order.

I think it's human nature.

Incognito said...

Unfortunately, you're right. You'd think we'd learn from our mistakes. But, yes it is human nature. I just wish that people would realize that communism/socialism is not the answer. Look at Cuba, Burma etc. Burma was one of the richest countries in that region until the commie junta ran it into the ground.