Thursday, January 12, 2012

British Engineer Could Spend 1 Month In Abu Dhabi Jail For Insulting Islam

I can't quite figure out what the appeal of the Gulf countries is, either as an ex-pat worker or a tourist.  The beaches might be lovely but the do's and don'ts in Abu Dhabi and Dubai are extensive and with even the slightest infraction you can end up in jail. I'm sure there's a truckload of money to be made in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) but is it worth the risk? You be the judge:

A British engineer could spend a month in jail because he insulted his Muslim co-workers by telling them in a fit of frustration:

 'When will we finish with the damn mosques?'
Misinterpreting and overreacting, as Muslims are apt to do, his colleagues then tattled on him to the authorities and he wound up in court. The ex-pat (who is appealing the sentence) tried to explain that the 'insult' was not deliberate, and that it was simply his frustration at how slow moving the project was, and that he just

".. wanted it to be ready as soon as possible.'

Apparently he works for Abu Dhabi's parks and recreation and is in charge of designing the gardens surrounding a mosque that has yet to be finished, and obviously taking far longer than it should. 
The engineer will know on February 7 whether he'll be spending a month in jail or be a free man.

If he's smart he'd head on back to England.


Cranky White Woman said...

I'm amazed that ANY rational human being would go to any Islamic country. My dear departed grandmother would describe the desire to visit or work in a middle east islamic hellhole as "stupidity gone to seed." We need to get the Muslim in Chief out of the White House, and get a patriotic REAL American who loves our great nation enough to drill for oil, so we don't have to deal with these coprophagous inbred cretins any longer.

Incognito said...

well certainly not a Western woman, but plenty do- by choice.

am not one who believes he's Muslim, but definitely a huge sympathizer.

ShareKhan said...

Very rarely such thing happens in U.A.E. ! May be his bosses may not be happy with something of him !!!! May be he has refused to Share his wife or Daughter with Shaikh ? May be he has stopped some body from doing corruption ? On religion U.A.E. is Quite modern and moderate at least they are ahead in modernization in GCC

Incognito said...

@ShareKhan, they might be a little more moderate and modern than say Saudi Arabia,for example, but actually being jailed for stupidities happens often enough that it makes me wonder why people go there. Interesting reasons you put forth for why he might have been accused.

Cranky White Woman said...

I believe he's a closet Muslim simply because he was born to s Muslim father, raised NY a Muslim stepfather, and said that if the political winds should shift against the Muslims that he'd stand with the Muslims. Also, that nasty piece of work, Jetemiah Wright, was a Muslim, then converted to Christianity...well, his brand of Christianity anyway.

Incognito said...

I know, many people feel the same way. But as I mentioned before, I do believe his sympathies lie there.