Monday, January 09, 2012

Islamic Extremist Planning Terror Attacks In Tampa Arrested By FBI

Terrorists come in all genders and from all ethnic backgrounds, they're not just Arab or Pakistani-looking 25 to 35-year-old uneducated, disenfranchised men.  But the one thing most terrorists have in common these days is Islam and their love of jihad.

25-year-old Sami Osmakac (or Brother Abdul Samia as he is referred to in the video below) isn't Arab or Pakistani, but he does love jihad and was just busted by the FBI for planning to terrorize people in the Tampa Bay area of Florida.

"I want to do something terrifying like one day, one night, something's going to happen. Then six hours later, something else."

Osmakac, born in Kosovo when it was part of the former Yugoslavia, is now a naturalized U.S. citizen living in Pinellas Park. The ingrate was arrested after he tried to purchase an AK-47, an explosive vest a bunch of explosives and grenades to go with it from an undercover FBI agent. He wanted to target MacDintons (a south Tampa pub), some night clubs in Ybor City (Tampa's historical Latin Quarter) and a Sheriff's office in Ybor City for good measure.  The FBI had been monitoring him for several months after a tip off.

On January 1, he was given the opportunity to back out, but said "We all have to die, so why not die the Islamic way?" And as per the 'Islamic way', he wanted to cause as much damage and carnage as possible. In reference to his plans for Ybor City (an area full of nightclubs) he would blow up a car in front of a busy nightclub because he knew "..a lot of places where it gets real crowded," and then he'd "take down buildings" and "kill people inside."

Detonating the car bomb would be first on his agenda, then he planned on using the explosives belt to take hostages and demand the release of prisoners, although who he wanted released is unknown. Then he was perfectly happy to be taken  " five million pieces" along with all those nightclubbers and hostage negotiators, I assume.

To their credit, jihad-boy was served up to the FBI by the Tampa Muslim community. CAIR's Hassan Shibley claimed that Osmakac was a "self-radicalized lone wolf" who had been banned from several local mosques. But in the usual CAIR fashion, he was also concerned

"..about a perception of entrapment." "If he was instigated by the government, we're going to be very concerned about that." "The weapons and explosives were provided by the government. Was he just a troubled individual, or did he pose a real threat?"

Well, I have news for Mr. Shibly, a troubled individual with explosives poses a greater threat than a troubled individual with none. According to Shibly the Muslim community found his extremist views so troubling they thought he might be a tad screwy. I think they're all a tad in denial considering he's not the only one with jihadi aspirations. And if he's unhinged, that would then make thousands upon thousands of other Islamic extremists just as mentally unbalanced as Osmakac. And what do all those jihadis have in common?

If convicted of 'attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction" he could wind up in jail for the rest of his life, and fined a meager $250,000.  I guess he'll just have to wait a lifetime before he gets his 72 (virgins).

Source: 970WFLA, Sunshine State News, The Suncoast News


Cranky White Woman said...

Obama and his corrupt AG, with their insistence on not naming the enemy and ordering the FBI as well as other law enforcement agencies to remove all references to Islam from their ant-terrorist training and literature, are really tying the hands of the people in charge of protecting us. Even though I live in Canada now, I remain an American, and I will be voting by absentee ballot to try to evict this moron from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. November can't get here soon enough!

Incognito said...

All this PC BS will be the demise of Western civilization, I fear. Glad you are still voting!!