Saturday, January 14, 2012

Young Afghan Suicide Bombers Being Told Allah Will Help Them Survive

Children are as disposable as women in the eyes of Muslim extremists. Animals are probably worth more in their estimation since wives can be bought for little at very young ages, and both wives and children are easily replaced. Polygamy facilitates that mindset since the more wives they have the more children they can birth, so losing a child to jihad is not much of a loss.  Perhaps that's why the Taliban has no problem  grooming children as suicide bombers in madrassas across Pakistan. Unlike Palestine, where some mothers seem to glorify martyrdom and actually encourage it, the Taliban (for the most part) use other people's kids as shaheed (martyrs), and parents oftentimes have no clue what fate awaits their offspring.  As a result, many Afghans are refusing to let their kids return to Pakistani Islamic schools because they've heard reports that children were being used for suicide attacks. One father said of his son:

“My son is vehemently opposed to the government. He says suicide attacks are considered a superior form of martyrdom and courage in Islam, and that Muslims must wage a jihad against the Jews and their friends,” he said.

His son told him that on Fridays, the madrassa students were shown footage of Americans and Britons being beheaded.

The father concluded, “I’m not going to allow my son to go back to study in Pakistan again, because I know I will lose him.”
Although some are willing participants, ready to give up their lives for their 72 virgins, other young boys are actually being lied to. Yes, they're well aware they'll be killing a bunch of American infidels, but they're also told that Allah will miraculously save their asses. Remember, at these schools the minds of these supremely ignorant, illiterate boys are being pumped with anti-everything propaganda on a daily basis, and are being primed to kill. One Afghan intelligence official said,

"The worst part is that these children don't think that they are killing themselves," said the official. "They are often given an amulet containing Koranic verses. Mullahs tell them, 'When this explodes you will survive and God will help you survive the fire. Only the infidels will be killed, you will be saved and your parents will go to paradise'."
13-year-old Abdul Samat was one of those young boys who was told that once he had set off the explosives nestled in his vest he'd be okay.  He apparently had been recruited in Quetta Pakistan and driven blindfolded to Kandahar, Afghanistan to do the deed. But Abdul lucked out. For some reason he realized he was about to turn into minced meat and backed out.

"When I opened my eyes, I saw it was a very black thing they wanted me to do," he later recalled.

"I began to cry and shout. People came out of their houses and asked what was wrong. I showed them I had something in my vest. Then they were scared too and called the police who took the bombs off me."

The reason extremists use young children (and occasionally women) is that they're less likely to be questioned at checkpoints.

Apparently suicide bombings in Afghanistan did not become de rigueur until 2004, since it was considered un-Islamic.  They learned that charming tactic from their Arab jihadist brothers.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the Taliban claims "All our bombers are men and they are all volunteers. We never use boys." Then again, they also tell those boys they'll live to see another day.


Cranky White Woman said...

"Afghan intelligence" -- now, there's an oxymoron if ever I heard one. It seems to me that there is no love in Islam. Having read the Qu'ran, I can tell you that nowhere does it mention any love Allah may have for his creation. The only thing Allah seems to love is death, rape, lies and deceit...only vile crimes against humanity are what makes their bloodthirsty god happy.

Incognito said...

No, there isn't much love and there's certainly no tolerance. Even towards others in their own religion.