Monday, January 23, 2012

Who Should I Vote For President In 2012

So far, the race for GOP nomination is wide open.  At this point in time it's too hard to predict who will get the nod with Santorum winning by a very slim margin the Iowa caucuses, Romney handily winning in New Hampshire and Gingrich's slam dunk in South Carolina.  I'm still not sure who I will vote for, but it's a toss up between Gingrich and Romney.

For those who are still stumped as to who to vote for in the upcoming elections (the next is Florida on January 31st), I posted  several quizzes to help you decide.

Now ABC News has created their own Match-O-Matic quiz that includes a list of candidate statements on everything from the economy to global warming to abortion.  All the candidates including Barack Obama and some who have already dropped out are represented, although not all categories include every candidate's statement. From 10 categories you get to pick which statement best represents your views on the subject matter.

You just might be surprised.  I know I was.

UPDATE: May 2012

Here's another quiz with all the current candidates, including some third party and independents.

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