Thursday, January 26, 2012

Millionaire Obama Has Nothing In Common With The 99% Who Still Adore Him

This photo has been making the rounds on Facebook, along with all the expected nastiness.

The individual that photoshopped these two pictures together clearly wanted to make everyone think that Romney is completely out of touch with the people compared to Obama. After all, here's millionaire Mitt Romney getting his shoes shined, while Barack Obama is fist-butting, or whatever that gesture is called, the common man.  The problem is, that's no shoeshine man, that's a TSA agent with a security wand doing his thing.

Whether it was a deliberate act to mislead or not, it was enough to cause a maelstrom of anger directed towards not just Romney but the entire Republican lot.  Even when one liberal 'friend' posted that he did not approve of the misleading propaganda, one piped in saying it was fair play because of Republican "lies." Referencing some programme she saw, another launched into a long diatribe about the Republican candidates'  "mansions" and how she believes Obama has her best interests at heart.  She believes he simply wants to put the country back on the right track- including cutting the debt. She went on to say that she believed the right wing wealthy candidates have nothing in common with her or the majority of the country.

Talk about out of touch, both my 'friend' and Obama. My friend is as out of touch because of her woeful, willful ignorance.  Obama, on the other hand is just out of touch because he is who he is. First of all, he's an elitist and a millionaire, to boot. People talk about Obama as though he's one of them, when he's not. He's one of the so-called "1%" along with all the Republicans everyone loves to lambaste:

In 2010 Gingrich paid 31.7% tax on $3,142,066 adjusted gross income, while Obama only paid 26.3% on $1,728,096. Newt Gingrich has a net worth of 7 million, on the other hand Obama has a net worth of 10.5 million.  And it's not like Obama lived in a nice, modest home when he was a Chicago senator.  In 2005 he purchased a home for over 1.5 million dollars, although it's not worth as much due to the housing crash. Obama also takes $4 million vacations, and his wife has a penchant for expensive designer clothes, as frightfully ugly as they might be.

Obama has absolutely nothing in common with my 'friend' or the other 99% who still adore him. 

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