Monday, January 09, 2012

2012 Heralds More Muslim Violence- From Iraq to Nigeria to Syria

Liberals love to blame the ongoing violence in the Muslim world on the "occupation". Well, we are no longer "occupying" Iraq and yet the bloodshed continues unabated. In fact it has actually increased since our troops pulled out of there at the end of last year. We're only eight days into 2012 and we've already witnessed a series of bomb attacks against Shiite Muslims which killed over 72 people and wounded scores more.  Earlier in the week families of police officers were targeted and multiple bomb blasts killed four Sunnis, two of which were children. The bombings have everyone worried about renewed sectarian strife.  Can't blame the West for that.

Then there's Nigeria. No occupation there. And yet Islamic militants 'Boko Haram' continue to wage war against the Christians in the northern part of that country. They want them out or dead, and they've been making sure they get the message. On Christmas day 2011 they bombed several churches, and haven't let up since. Just 8 days into 2012 and 20 more Christians were killed on Friday as they mourned the murder of three fellow Christians who had been killed on Thursday. Can't blame the West for that either.

And the recent suicide bombing in Syria? Nope, no occupation there either. 

This random violence in 'unoccupied' territories proves two things- that the whole theory of Western 'occupation' being the primary cause of Muslim violence is a fallacy, and that Islam is in no way a religion of peace, as so many proclaim. It's quite obvious they can't even get along with each other, let alone live peacefully with those of other religions.


Cranky White Woman said...

The totalitarian political ideology masquerading as a religion -- AKA Islam -- is also a cult of death. They revel in it...heck, they wallow in death. Of course, if they got their wish that Israel and the Great Satan America disappeared one day, they would go after the rest of the world's "infidels," and once they were eliminated, then they'd all turn on each other, just as they're doing now in Iraq. The Muslims seem to be offended by EVERYTHING -- with the exception of the atrocities they commit worldwide on a daily basis -- and are in a perpetual state of jihad. The libtards will still blame all of this on "occupation" (ie, we're still in Afghanistan, and if we'd only leave those poor people alone, then everybody would play nice).

Incognito said...

It's one of the only religions that hasn't evolved passed the century it was created.

When we leave Afghanistan they will still complain about our troops in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere, which is what many people claim is the reason Bin Laden came after us. I think even he dead, but as you mention it is far more complex than that.
Bottom line- the Islamists want to create a global caliphate, and it looks like they're well on their way to achieving that goal.

Cranky White Woman said...

Sadly, our Muslim in Chief is assisting these coprophagous inbreds in achieving their goals. In the past three years I have made it my business to learn as much as I possibly can about this hateful "religion." While I do believe in God (Christian), I do not believe God would create humans to REQUIRE vitamin D, which we get mainly through our exposure to sunshine, and then command that the half of the population who had the nerve to be born with vaginas should be covered from head to toe, looking at the world through a slit. I do not believe that God, after creating females with a clitoris, which has no other function than to achieve orgasm, would then command that it be removed, thus eliminating one of life's simple pleasures for women. I do not believe that God, having said that a man will leave his parents and cleave unto his wife, and the two shall become one flesh, would the change His mind and say polygamy is the way to go. Of course, there is much more I could add here, but I've got a teenaged daughter to go pick up from work. There are several sites that I visit each day, and you may already be aware of them: and and are many more I read from time to time, but those ate the three counter-Jihad sites that are a daily must read for me. As for conservative blogs that I read on a daily basis, they are and I've now added yours to that list. Please, keep on posting so I can keep on reading.

Incognito said...

First of all, am honored I am on that list. yes, I know of all of those. I try to keep up with all the local stuff along with all the foreign news media. I like to mix it up between politics and foreign affairs because what happens here affects the rest of the world and vice-versa.

I used to blog over at instablogs (a now defunct site) that was based out of India. Got paid for it which was nice. But there were many anti-Israel bloggers over there so I felt the need to counter that. I read so many horrific things that are done in the name if Islam (and posted about them) that it would sicken you.

I will keep on posting as long as I see threats to our wa of life.