Monday, January 23, 2012

Israeli Settler/Palestinian Drug-Dealing Network Uncovered In West Bank

I guess the bitter, ongoing hostility between Israeli settlers and Palestinians magically disappears when it comes to drugs.

An Arab-Jewish drug-dealing network was uncovered operating in West Bank districts when police detained a group as part of a cross-border probe this week.

Settlers from the Tapuch Junction area in the West Bank were suspected of purchasing drugs from their Palestinian neighbors in the village of Hawara, south of Nablus city, Israeli online site Ynet news reported.

A narcotics investigation resulted in the arrest of Arabs from Hawara and four alleged Jewish drugs “clients.”

It is unclear how many Arabs were arrested on suspicion of drug-dealing.

It surprised everyone, it seems, considering they're usually at each other's throats.  Just last year

“Settlers went on the rampage through the villages damaging property, assaulting residents, burning cars and throwing stones at everything."

Too bad it takes drugs to get them to cooperate and coexist.

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