Saturday, January 07, 2012

British Welfare Freeloaders To Get Housing Benefits Reduced From £2,000 To £400

It just got a little tougher for Britain's chronic freeloaders to leech off the working class stiff.  British taxpayers for years have been subsidizing families who have no control over their reproductive systems and as a result have wangled their way into housing the taxpayers themselves can't even afford.  Because council housing isn't usually equipped for families with hordes of children, these people have been winding up in million dollar houses or apartments with weekly rental benefits of  up to £2,000 a week. That's almost £204,000 per year on rental alone. 

In 2010, David Cameron vowed to cap housing benefits to £400 per week for a 4-bedroom home, and it looks like that promise has finally come to fruition. Families in London who have been receiving exorbitant amounts of money for housing will now have to make do with £400 per week for rental. That will be challenging for practicing Catholics 48-year-old Andre Rostant his 38-year-old Dutch wife Thirza and their brood of 8 kids (ranging from 3 to 14), who are currently paying £2,000 per week in a chichi area of central London, courtesy of the British taxpayer. They have been told by a 'local  councillor' that

... if the family can’t raise the extra £1,600 a week needed to pay the rent and do not find alternative, cheaper accommodation, his wife, Thirza, and their eight children (aged from three to 14) will be regarded as ‘intentionally homeless’ and won’t even get the capped £400 a week in housing benefit.

Rostant, with just nine days to find a more affordable home, is now claiming his human rights have been violated. Yes, indeed, he seems to believe that since he's Catholic it's his right to pop them out at almost yearly intervals, and that the government should be responsible for housing them all. In a letter to the Westminster Council he wrote,

"As married, practising Roman Catholics, our religion calls, at the very least, for us to be open in having children.

The act of marriage within our faith has been traditionally interpreted both by clergy and the lay community to be a calling to have many children, if that is physically possible. In short, Catholic families tend to be larger than typical British families.

We are being denied our rights to manifest our religion by having children and by not being given anywhere to house the ones we have."

No, Mr. Rostant, being Catholic and having dozens of children is a personal choice. And if you can't afford to have children, then don't, because it's certainly not the government's responsibility to help you take care of them.

But the Rostants are not the only ones living in the lap of luxury. Two other London families have been receiving the same amount of money for weekly rental, and a fourth received £2,050 for a lovely house in upscale St. John's Wood.

Then you have the ones who aren't getting quite as much, like 34-year-old Muslim Essma Marjon, who has 6 children by two different fathers. Essma has been living in a £2.5million house in the tony Maida Vale where Sir Paul McCartney lives, but that 5 bedroom villa only costs taxpayers £7,000 a month. And there's the Afghani Saiedi family of seven who have been living in a £1.2 million house in West London with the £750 rental fee paid for by the Ealing Council.  The U.K. has even been providing free upscale housing to Islamic extremists living in their midst.

Sure, the U.S. has its flakes taking advantage of the system, like the Seattle couple who lived in a million dollar home that they actually happened to own, while claiming a $1,200 month housing allowance, food stamps and other welfare subsidies.  However, the difference is the Seattle housing authority had no idea the busy chiropractor was bilking the state for thousands, whereas the families in the U.K. lived in million dollar houses with the full knowledge of the British government.

Britain's nanny state has made it more appealing to go on welfare than to go out and work, and that's why they have such a problem and are now broke. In 2010, it was estimated that 100,000 families were making more on welfare than the average British worker. Hopefully they will make other changes to their welfare system, before it's too late.


Cranky White Woman said...

It's about time somebody did something about this! I'm an American ex-pat living in Canada, so U don't have firsthand experience with what's been happening in the UK, but I've been following some stories about how immigrants show up in the UK with their hands out, demanding their freebies. Disgusting that they live in nicer digs than the taxpayers who are supporting them.

Incognito said...

Cranky White Woman, Absolutely. It certainly took them long enough, but at least they are finally doing something. And I actually have lived there, but long ago when it wasn't a problem. England has brought upon itself all these problems. sadly. and yes, incredibly disgusting, as my post implies.

Cranky White Woman said...

My post should have said I don't have any firsthand experience, not U don't...sorry about the typo.

I just discovered your site yesterday, and I like it. I have some idea of what you're going through, being involved in the arts while also being a conservative. I used to date a famous guitarist and was always around uber liberal musicians. I was mocked and teased for my conservative views so often that I finally just learned to keep my true opinions to myself. A couple of years of that was more than enough for me, so I broke up with him and came out of the closet. I'm lucky that my profession does not require that I keep my political leanings a secret, so I can just be myself. It is my fervent hope that one day people will come to their senses and throw off the chains of liberalism and political correctness that bind them so tightly.

Incognito said...

Thank you.
I have also found that liberals can also become rabidly venemous. It's very bizarre. I assume your ex was liberal as well? that must have been challenging. I was going out with a fellow photographer (i do that as well) for a while, and although very sweet, when it came to politics he got very ugly and quite verbally abusive. We too parted ways. It's just too hard.

Lucky you for not having to hide your politics. :-)

It's my hope too, but I doubt it will happen, at least any time soon.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Cranky White Woman said...

Thought you might find this article interesting. Be sure to check out some of the links to other articles on the same subject...real eye-openers.

Incognito said...

Wow... that's absolutely outrageous! Poor Britain. Actually, poor Europe.