Monday, January 21, 2013

Algerian Gas Plant Terrorists Had Inside Help- Security sources think

UPDATE 1/21/13: Now there's word that the hostage takers came from Northern Mali, included some foreign fighters, and that they wanted hostages for negotiation clout regarding the situation in Mali. I'm sure the story will continue to change.

There is still no definitive death count for the attack on the Algerian Ain Amenas gas plant, but there is now some talk that it was more than likely an inside job. Supposedly there might have been as many as five, including a French national, working at the plant who aided the al-Qaeda-linked Islamists in carrying out the massacre at the behest of the one-eyed jihadist  Mokhtar Belmokhtar. Of course, there's no way to determine how many of the foreign hostages were actually killed by the terrorists or by Algerian security forces during the military operation. We do know, however, that the terrorists targeted the Christian kuffars (non-Muslims), and some seem to think that the attack had been very well planned for a long time. Apparently, access to the plant was far too easy, and there were things the terrorists new that only someone on the inside would have been privy to, including the room numbers of the foreign workers.

According to one of the Algerian witnesses, an IT worker:

‘The attackers knew the layout of the complex extremely well. They knew the names of the people responsible, the number of cars and who had keys.’

He also mentioned that the terrorists included mostly Algerians, along with an Egyptian, a Libyan, a Syrian, and several with "white skin" who spoke impeccable English that he thought might be Canadian. The IT worker went on to say:

‘The Algerian hostages were then allowed to leave. I was allowed to go but before I did, I saw many Brits killed. One Westerner trying to give first aid was blown up by the terrorists.' ‘When the army arrived, they were firing at everyone – terrorists and hostages – indiscriminately.'

The French 'inside man' apparently joined his comrades once they entered the complex, but was killed   when the Algerian troops attacked the plant. Police are investigating the possibility that four other workers (who survived) might have been accomplices, as well.

There is also word that some of the terrorist hostage takers survived, and have been captured.

As things settle down, we will get more information along with a final tally of how many died, but if it was an inside job, that does not bode well for any foreign 'infidel' workers employed in Muslim majority countries.  This could easily happen anywhere.

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