Sunday, January 27, 2013

Raheem Kassam Blasts Sunday Times Anti-Semitic Cartoon On Holocaust Remembrance Day

Raheem Kassam, Executive Editor of The Commentator, has written a blistering critique of the use of an anti-Semitic cartoon in the Sunday Times, and on Holocaust Memorial Day of all days.

"For some, however, Holocaust Memorial Day is transfiguring into a day that ‘the Jews’ or ‘Israel’ (for they will use these terms interchangeably), are to be attacked or set up, completely leaving behind the idea that the country came into existence in the wake of the greatest single crime in history."

Referring to British MP David Ward's ignorant comparison of the Palestinian/Israeli conflict to the Holocaust, he goes on to say:

"But more to the point, who can blame them when some of the country’s smartest media outlets present Israel and its leaders in this particular light: the large-nosed Jew, hunched over a wall, building with the blood of Palestinians as they writhe in pain within it.

For this is exactly what the Sunday Times has today done; not simply treading the fine line between criticism and blood libel, but indeed spitting all over it, leaving it for dust, and careering head first into anti-Semitismsville.

“Will cementing peace continue?” reads the caption beneath the image of a Quasimodo-like Netanyahu. As if this half-hearted attempt at a pun would help masquerade the overt racism within the image. No."
Read the whole thing here.

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