Friday, January 18, 2013

15 Years Jail For Egyptian Christian Convert and Her 7 Kids

In spite of Islam supposedly advocating 'no compulsion in religion', and Mohammed Morsi claiming that there should be respect for all religions, an Egyptian widow and her seven kids have been sentenced to 15 years in jail for converting to Christianity. The irony of it all is that she was originally Christian, married Mohamed Abdel-Wahhad Mustafa (a Muslim) 23 years ago, converted to Islam, and then when he passed away decided to convert back to Christianity so she could receive her Christian family's inheritance.

Not only did Nadia Mohamed Ali and her seven children receive prison sentences, so did the people in the registration office that helped her get new identity cards between 2004 and 2006.

Thanks to Mohammed Morsi, his oh-so tolerant Muslim Brotherhood, and the new constitution, things are only going to get worse.

Samuel Tadros, a research fellow at Hudson Institute's Center for Religious Freedom, said conversions like Nadia's have been common in the past, but said Egypt's new Sharia-based constitution "is a real disaster in terms of religion freedom.”

"The cases will increase in the future," Tadros said. "It will be much harder for people to return to Christianity."


Tadros said the constitution limits the practice of Christianity because “religious freedom has to be understood within the boundaries of Sharia.” He added that the constitution prescribes that the highest Sunni authority should be referred to as an interpreter of the religion clause contained in the constitution.

Opponents of the constitution, including Coptic Christians and secular and liberal groups, protested at the time against passage of the document because of the mix of Islamic-based Sharia law and politics.

Jordan Sekulow of the American Center for Law and Justice said:

"Now that Sharia law has become an integral part of Egypt's new constitution, Christians in that country are at greater risk than ever. " "This is another tragic case that underscores the growing problem of religious intolerance in the Muslim world. To impose a prison sentence for a family because of their Christian faith sadly reveals the true agenda of this new government: Egypt has no respect for international law or religious liberty.” [snip]  
Sekulow urged U.S. diplomatic intervention in Egypt to promote religious freedom. Morsi is scheduled to meet with President Obama, possibly in March
”The U.S. State Department must play more of a role in discouraging this kind of persecution," Sekulow said. "The U.S. should not be an idle bystander. The U.S. provides more than $1 billion to Egypt each year. The State Department should speak out forcefully against this kind of religious persecution in Egypt.”

Diplomatic intervention won't do a damn thing to change religious persecution in Egypt or any other country that persecutes its minority religious population.

So Christians who are in the financial position to do so  will continue leaving Egypt, and those who aren't will continue to be persecuted, because that's what Islamists do so well.

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