Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Obama: White Man In Black - claims Iranian columnist

Zaher Mahruqi, columnist for yes he's a mouthpiece for Iranian anti-U.S. sentiment- takes Barack Obama to task in a recent opinion piece calling him a 'White man in black"; in other words an oreo, as liberals like to call conservative blacks, which seems a tad ironic considering Obama is the polar opposite.

He assures us that the piece titled Obama: White man in black is not meant to be racist, but he does believe that the great O's rise to fame, including all his accolades, is clearly rooted in the color of his skin.

Two times Time magazine’s man of the year, a Nobel price laureate and many more varied awards and recognitions, judging from his achievements, Obama’s rise to stardom has evidently much to do with his race more so than anything else. In fact, he received the acknowledgments before doing anything practical to the direction of piece or prosperity for all.

And he socks it to Obama for not following through with his promises of hope and change and how the great O has done nothing for the children of Africa and, yes, Palestine.

Particularly the black continent expected so much from Mr. Obama. With a black president, Africa hoped that America’s involvement in its affairs would be wider and more thorough. That was not to be the case however as it was years as president before he even set foot on the black part of the continent. He did visit Kenya, his father’s land, as a senator only as a campaign stop over in order to secure the votes of African Americans.

Since he started his presidency support given to Africa has not changed and most of the support Africa receives today had been laid out before Obama took office.

Obama didn’t give hope only to Africa but to others who are oppressed or in pursuit of justice. His speech in Cairo in which for the first time ever an American president quoted verses from the Quran made the man a figure that could finally bring justice to the Palestinians plight.

That too didn’t materialize, in fact, it is at its worst point ever and the Zionists have been mocking Obama on regular basis. The latest was the post-bombardment of Gaza approval of thousands of illegal settlements at the very instance Obama was calling for the halting of settlement activities.

Now, don't get him wrong, Mahruqi thinks O is a-okay, but just for American kids.

Obama is a good guy, make no mistake about it. At the very least he seems committed to his wife and family and the tears he shed following the New Town massacres of children portrayed a very sensitive man indeed. The only problem is that he seems to tear up only for American children whose parents are responsible for voting him into the white house.

Read the whole thing here.

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