Thursday, January 17, 2013

Why Niqabs Should Be Banned- Philly Girl Abducted By Niqab-Clad Woman, Mother Wears One Too

I don't mean to sound callous, but although I feel bad for the little girl who was abducted by a niqab-clad woman in Philadelphia, I have no sympathy whatsoever for her family. The mother, Latifah Abdur-Rashid, an obvious convert to Islam, herself wears a niqab. Really? If you want to show the world how pious you are, isn't an hijab enough?

Thankfully, the little girl was later found by good samaritan Nelson Mandela Myers shivering in a Philly playground 20 hours after she was abducted, but how this played out is exactly why niqabs should be banned.

It wasn't until a good six hours after the young child had been abducted that people even realized something was amiss.  A pregnant woman in a niqab calling herself "Tiffany" arrived at Cullen Bryant Elementary School shortly after Latifah dropped her daughter off. "Tiffany", claiming to be the child's mother, walked out with the girl after she told school officials she wanted to take her to breakfast. An Amber Alert followed, 12 hours after the kid was taken.

The kidnapping was caught on surveillance video. Odd that the school would let a woman calling herself "Tiffany" take her so-called "daughter", when the mother's name is Latifah, but I can only imagine they didn't want to cause any trouble for a group of people who take issue with pretty much everything to do with their religion. At least the ones who feel compelled to wear niqabs.

Niqab mama told NBC10 news:

"My daycare called me," said Abdur-Rashid. "(They) pick my child up, her and my son, and walked them to the daycare from the school around 3 o'clock. They asked me if Nailla had an early dismissal today. And, of course I said, 'no, she didn't.' She asked me about a woman named Tiffany and I immediately thought about my brother's friend. I called her and she was like, 'no, I'm in school. I didn't take [her].'"

Abdur-Rashid says there was confusion when she came to the school asking questions.

"I come straight to the school and they're all discombobulated. The substitute teacher, they're trying to get him on the phone. He finally gets here and he's like, 'her mom picked her up from school early. She said she was taking her to breakfast. I asked her to sign out but she said she already signed out at the office.'"

Confusion? You think, Latifah? It could have been a male under that Niqab, abducting your child. She goes on to say:

"In the surveillance camera that the school has that I watched, she's dressed in traditional over-garment and Niqab." "She has her face covered and only her eyes showing. She's wearing gloves. She's wearing all black. She has something white on her arm and she has a long black umbrella. The surveillance camera shows them walking through the hallway to get to the door. The next camera picks up and she's putting her umbrella up. Then they disappear."

Of course the school messed up. They should have checked her i.d. to make sure it was the mother, but no-one wants to cause waves these days.

Niqabs have no place in the Western world, especially by someone who doesn't even have an excuse, since Latifah is American. If you want things like this to happen continue to wear them, but you will garner no sympathy from me.

Note: Latifah's last name is also spelled Abdul-Rashif.

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Anonymous said...

This comment is for the person who wrote the article. I myself wear a niqab, and any woman who wears a niqab is consitered to be a woman of geat class, pious and above all, obiedient to her creator. Yes a hijab is enough but what seperates the everyday hijabi from the niqabi is their strength, faith and modesty. Wearing a niqab is the Highest form of modesty, and in the Muslim world, a niqabi is HIGHLY admired. Also, how can you say that this wonan is an "obvious convert"? Is it because shes black? Let me tell you, Islam DOES NOT belong to Arabs, and there are many black muslims, who are born into the religion. Her dad is even a Imam. You sound like a prejudice fool.. And thats ok if you dont post my comment... Just as long as YOU see it, thats all i care about. You judgmental racist.

Anonymous said...

Stupid dumb ass editor with a f%&# up opinion. In philly, its NOT unusual to see a niqabi. To see them is as regular as seeibg a person in shirts, in the summer. Get s life and kick the bias foolishness. Its people like you, who dont know a DAMN thing... Who make it hard for others, with your ignorant judgment conments. Since you wanna talk about muslims, why dont you post about these hypocritical, money hungry, fornicating, thieving decieving christans. You stupid dumb ass racist ass hole

Incognito said...

First of all- for both of you Anonymous writers, although you might be the same person, or possibly friends- for your edification, Islam is a RELIGION not a RACE- in case you didn't realize that. You might want to remember that before you call someone a racist.

2nd of all- nowhere in the Quran does it say that one must cover ones FACE. Burqas and full face veils were worn in desert countries because of sand storms. So unless you live in the Mojave desert or other desert areas of the U.S. you're a twit. In fact, some Al-Azhar scholars have said hijab is not an Islamic duty. And if you don't know al-Azhar, google it.

Now to address both your comments separately:

ANONYMOUS 1: Your self-righteous is cringe-worthy. There have been female suicide bombers wearing burqas etc who have killed innocent people, including fellow Muslims. Would you like to address that? I doubt you will. What matters most is what's in a person's heart. What their character is like, not what they wrap their bodies in. I have seen hijabis wear tight jeans, far less modest clothing than I happen to wear. I have no problem with people dressing modestly, but hypocrites I can not abide.

If the woman wasn't a convert, her imam dad obviously is. And no it's not because she's black. There are many African Muslims, but she's obviously an American.

ANONYMOUS 2: Such nasty language from such a pious one. And before you demonstrate just how ignorant YOU are, I have been just as critical of Christians on this blog. And, maybe not in your world, but we still have free speech in this country, and I will criticize whomever I choose. And since I cherish free speech, I have even given you the platform to criticize me.

There is no reason on earth that a niqab should be worn in the Western world. But if you choose to wear one, then don't complain when people look at you, or make fun of you, or criticize you, or steal you kid.

Anonymous said...

I am Muslims and I agree with people who want the niqab banned .
Even the black dress, that is from the culture of the golf countries , Islam does not oblige an ups woman to wear a black color.
The sahabi's wives were wearing orange and even yellow garments so go back to read about Islam and stop saying that niqab is an obligation.

Incognito said...

Thank you for your comment. It's good to hear this coming from a Muslim, because there are many stupid people who claim it is written in the Quran. Then again, it's those same people who believe armed jihad is okay.

I know it's not written in the Quran.