Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Terrorist Hate Preacher Abu Qatada Loves His Western Junk Food

What is wrong with the Brits? They're wasting bunches of taxpayer money on terrorist, hate-mongering, radical Islamist  preachers like 52-year-old Abu Qatada because they're afraid if they deport his fat ass back to Jordan he'll be tortured?  Who cares?! Send him back, he's of no use to the British public. Like a parasite, he's been sponging off the hard working Brits since 2008 when he claims his alleged 'back' problems prevented him from working. He, his wife and four kids are also living in a nice, cushy home after the Brits upgraded their housing from a £400,000 home to a £450,000 one because the first was too small.  The monthly rent of  £1,400 is courtesy of the British taxpayer.  And that's not all. According to DM:

One of the payments he has received from taxpayers in the past has been incapacity benefit - in 2008, he started receiving £150 a week after claiming his bad back meant he could not work.
It is not known whether he is still claiming to be incapacitated, but he did not appear to struggle with the bins outside his home on Tuesday. 
As well as benefits paid directly to the family or spent on rent, the taxpayer shells out around £100,000 each week to monitor the terror suspect and ensure he does not break his bail conditions, which force him to stay at home for at least 16 hours a day.

The Daily Mail (DM) points out that Qatada, for all his anti-Western rhetoric, certainly likes the creature comforts that are part and parcel of the West, like the ability to pig out on things like Pringles and donuts.  There's a series of photos (including the one posted above) of Qatada and his rubbish- DM must have gone rummaging to find out what the garbage bag contained.

His rubbish was contained in a plastic bag from supermarket Morrisons, and looked like it contained many of the items you would expect in a normal British household rather than the home of a man bent on the eradication of the West.
The bag contained a tube of Pringles, two cartons of Alpro soya milk, a box of doughnuts and a tin of what appeared to be some sort of chilli.
For a man who is considered the 'spiritual leader' of al-Qaeda, and a terrorist even by UN standards, the UK has been going out of its way to accommodate the man and his needs, like providing £500,000 in legal aid to ensure he stays in England. This is why England is broke, and this is why England remains a breeding ground for radical Islam.

He's a terrorist. Deport him, along with his brood, or jail his ass.

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