Thursday, January 10, 2013

What Happens When You Kick The Quran

There are a slew of very amusing 'Girl Kicked the Quran' videos on YouTube, demonstrating just how ignorant some of those people are.  They truly believe that this is what happens to bad Muslim girls (note, they're always female) who forsake Allah.  I guess the dudes get a break.

Allah  turned this one into a python.  The story goes:

A girl was listening to music loudly, her mother happened to be reading the Quran, she asked her to turn the music down so she can carry on reading the Quran. The girl got pisst off and went to kick the Quran, her mother threw herself between her foot and the Quran, she ended up kicking her mother. She then stormed up to her room, where she put her music on and locked the door.

Later that day her mother realised that she had been up there for quite along a time, and the music was still blasting, she decided to call her down to eat. So, the mother went up to call her daughter but there was no answer. The mother got worried, she got her husband to break open the door, and they found the daughter in a state where she could be described as half monkey, half snake, lizard and very ugly like a ghost. She appeared to b a mixture of monkey, lizard and human, she couldn't speak either.

Not sure what Allah turned this one into, but it's the same story, though in this case the daughter was watching TV.  The guy who posted this one claims his friend videotaped it, so it's legit, and that he is sharing it to show what happens to those of us who speak ill of Islam. So beware, oh ye infidels.

This one was turned into a fish.

And this, thing.

And last but not least:

To be fair, there are comments from Muslims calling it rubbish, and begging the person who posted the video to remove it. But there are obviously plenty who believe they'll be turned into a freak animal if they diss Allah.


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