Saturday, January 26, 2013

Bizarre Lawsuits From The Middle East and Elsewhere

For a little Saturday levity (though obviously not for those involved) here are some rather strange lawsuits from the Middle East. I was googling to verify one I saw on Al Arabiya  today where a woman is suing her husband for threatening to post nude photos of her on Twitter and Facebook  after they got into an argument, and then I found a slew of other equally strange ones.

Quoting a security source, Kuwait’s al-Rai newspaper reported that after the wife informed her family about the threats, her sister tried to mediate in the conflict and calm down the situation to avoid a looming scandal. But when she spoke with her sister’s husband, he threatened her as well, saying he would take nude pictures of her too and publish them.

At this point, the wife’s sister saw that the man must be deterred by law. She immediately went to the police station and filed a complaint. The man is now being sued for using telecommunication means to invade people’s privacy, according to the newspaper.

From Saudi Arabia we have this woman suing her husband for "vilification and extortion" after discovering he was posting photos of her along with disparaging comments on a social networking site, along with threatening and obscene text messages. At first he blamed his ex-wife, but it turns out he was having an affair with the ex and he was the only one who had access. The case has been in the court system for a year.

Another one from Kuwait, though I'm not sure what year.  This time a man sued his wife for beating him. Sadly, domestic violence isn't only perpetrated against women.

Dubai in 2011, a woman was suing her ex-husband for a "loveless marriage". He had E.D and didn't tell her.

This is probably one of the most bizarre, though not from the Middle East. A Chinese man in 2012 divorced, then sued his ex-wife for giving him an ugly baby. He accused her of adultery which she denied. Apparently, prior to her marriage she had $100,000 worth of plastic surgery. He won a $120,000 settlement.

And just to be fair, this comes from the U.S.  Last year a husband sued his ex-wife over  her collection of 1,200 pair of designer shoes. He wants his portion of the worth.

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